Japanese producer, composer and turntablist.


Recognized as Japan’s original Hip Hop superstar, DJ Yutaka travelled to America, in 1982 to pursue his dream at becoming a success in the Mecca of the art form he’d given his life to. Yutaka first emerged on Hip Hop’s music scene during a Run DMC tour of Japan when, after an intense turntable battle with legendary DJ Jam Master Jay resulted in a tie, word of his turntable skills travelled across continents and a star was born.


In America, he was invited to join the Almighty Zulu Nation and worked with Ice T as a member of Rhyme Syndicate. The experience allowed him to perfect his production and engineering skills which would eventually help him crash into the Record business with several Major Label deals.

In 1989, DJ Yutaka designed the first CDJ and began his career of designing mixers and turntables. The 1990’s is recognized as the greatest decade in Hip Hop history and it is also the decade Yutaka became a Top tier producer by signing his first of many Major label record deals with then newly formed INTERSCOPE Records.  It is during this part of his career where he first meet SUPREMEiNK, who was then known as SC Supreme when INTERSCOPE matched them up together. 


Though they never released an album for INTERSCOPE, the experience created a friendship that would last over 25 years. Back in the 90’s, Yutaka was known for his superior sampling style, which used a lot of Joe Sample snips and classic Break Beat clips. Many dues were paid working in the studio with Legends like Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Grand Master MELLE Mel of the Furious Five or the amazing Guru from Hip Hop Super Duo GANGSTAR.


Now as an international Ambassador of Hip Hop culture, Yutaka’s music is the very definition of “World Hip Hop”. Combining hardcore 808 drum patterns with intricate soulful keyboard melodies, Yutaka’s production style has evolved and already revolutionized the current main stream American Hip Hop Music industry.


With a fresh catalog of Hip Hop, Trap. RnB and Pop songs, Yutaka is sure to be mentioned among Hip Hop’s most respected Producers for years to come.