Royal Flush Club is a New World Hip Hop Super Group formed in Los Angeles, CA, USA on New Year’s Day, 2015 by legendary producer DJ Yutaka (Japan’s first Mixmaster) along with Emcees SUPREMEiNK (Rap Sheet Magazine’s Freestyle Battle Champion and 2 time ASCAP Champion) and Shonn P (Voted Best New Artist to look out for in 2018 by Big League ENT Network).


Yutaka and SUPREMEiNK were signed together to INTERSCOPE Records as a group during Hip Hop’s hay day the 1990’s. It would take over 20 years later for the two to reunite and form the foundation of what would became Royal Flush Club.


Debut album “Currency Exchange” took two years to record all the songs and mix down the project. Recorded at Legendary Platinum Reggae recording artist Mad Lion’s studio, in the Performing Arts District of Southern California, the 16-track album is a masterpiece which features stand out songs “Cali”, “Foreign”, “Nicki/Beyonce” and “Type of Shyt That We On”. 


The RFC also produced a hot 10 song mixtape, “Get Money” that pays homage to Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy by highlighting clips from Murphy’s Harlem Nights film that he in fact directed. The freshman campaign features 6 music videos, 26 total songs and a new clothing line to trademark the brand. Though the core of RFC’s fan base started in the western hemisphere of the USA, increased number of diehard fans, towards the end of 2017, began to appear in parts of Urban Europe, modernized Asia, underground Jamaica, advanced Japan, as well as the South America, Africa, all the way out to the Netherlands.


Partying, traveling, struggling, laughing, hustling, making money to provide and rising from the bottoms at all cost are just a few ingredients that went into making this group unlike no other. Influences include Outkast, RUN DMC, NWA, Geto Boys, UGK, Digable Planets, Goodie Mob, Cali Swag District, Fugees and every rap group that has ever made a hit song.


The mission of the Royal Flush Club is to promote the culture of art, history of entertainment and the high class, lifestyles of Los Angeles, California, along with all, of her beautiful diverse surrounding communities to the world through music. 

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